KSA Polymer Hanoi JSC,
the leading manufacturer of woven polyethylene fabric
and end products, is committed to becoming a top
supplier in the world since its inception.

A fast-growing-young company challenging the market
We made substantial investment in building production facilities
to achieve economies of scales in production as well as being equipped
with trustable testing devices to control quality stable in our short years.

Name it and you’ll get it
We offer a broad range of options designed to meet all of your covering needs- custom made tarps, protective
covers & screens made from Poly Ethylene & Poly Propylene. Whatever your industry is, we have various ways
to get exact fit for your applications through continuing research and development.

Dare to be different from others
Our conviction is to produce good quality products and supply customers
with them at competitive price, not at the cheapest price.
Quality is second to none in the company even under mass
production system in practice. But apart from that, efforts to cut down
production cost with cost reduction management and being staffed
by polymer specialists and engineers who have plenty of experience
to improve efficiently and keep process stably have been continued.

Corporate Social responsibility focusing on local
We recognize the importance of accompanied growth with the local society and set up self-regulatory mechanism
whereby a business monitors and ensure its active compliance with the spirit of the law,
ethical standards and international norms.
We are dedicated to protecting the well-being of our employees, neighbors, customers and the environment.

We have been supplying various customers with quality-reliable & cost-effective general products as well as special
products treated with specific additives- UV light stabilizer/antioxidant/thermal stabilizer/flame retardant.
With dedicated customer service, persistent research and development for product improvement we’ll continue
to explore new opportunities to expand its usage.

Production Capacity
Production Facilities
Tape-yarn making
Ready-made tarps
PE Rolled goods
Pool cover
Lumber cover
Tape-yarn making work
Weaving work
Coating work
Finishing work
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